Alhamdulillah, we were expecting 70 neighbors to show up to our Masjid Al-Huda Open house. And in came around 500! The Open House was in collaboration of GainPeace, an outreach project of ICNA.

Young and old came, educators and students, public officials and firefighters, police officers and well-wishers, they all came pouring in. Some with flowers, some with tears and others with smiles. Our neighbors came to learn about Islam and to meet and support the Muslim.

Guests were given a tour of the Masjid, witnessed the Asr prayer, enjoyed lunch and listened to an interactive presentation by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed of GainPeace who spoke on the topic of: Islam Promoting Peace. Br. Karim Irfan also spoke on the need for neighbors to look out for each other and form alliances for a better society. The event ended with a Q and A session followed by gift bags to the guests.
Brothers, sisters, yes, these are challenging times for Muslims and it appears as if many doors are closing for us. Alhamdulillah, Allah, swt, is always in control and is opening many opportunities for outreach, dawah for us.

Brothers, sisters, please get busy with forming alliances, educating others about Islam, supporting the many minorities who need our help, Hispanics, African Americans and especially the Native Americans.

If we don’t rise and peacefully interact and enhance the society, the loss is ours. It will be SAD if we don’t have the means to do more, and it will be a TRAGEDY if we had the means but didn’t do more.  GainPeace recommends every single Masjid to hold such Open Houses to share Islam and to form alliances.

GainPeace can assist your Masjid in arranging an Open House. Contact:

May Allah, swt, help us to share Islam and to enjoin good and forbid evil and bestow on us the courage to stand up to intimidation, fear-mongering, and Islamophobia, safeguard us and reward us with Your eternal paradise…aameen.