It is with great pride and happiness that we present to you
the 6th Annual Eid Fest!!!

Each year as a community, We saw Eid Fest grow into something bigger and better than the year before alhamdulillah. Slowly but surely, our dream as a community of having a united celebration of Eid, gathering people from across the Chicagoland area became a reality.

Our team is very excited to announce that this year Eid Fest will continue to be a three day celebration! Aside from having a 3 day long carnival we have also added an extra day of fireworks. That means we will have firework on Friday and Saturday.

In the coming days, We will be announcing all the details such as rides, food, attractions and much more so please stay tuned and spread the word!


Friday: 3pm to 9pm (Fireworks at 9pm)

Saturday: 1pm to 11pm (Fireworks at 9pm)

Sunday: 1pm to 8pm