GainPeace, as part of the ICNA’s national campaign #WhoisMuhammad, has initiated a campaign on Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to invite our fellow Americans to study the noble life of the Prophet, using various venues.  A billboard in Chicago, near O’Hare International Airport on highway 1-294 (south of O’Hare oasis), proclaims ‘Who is Prophet Muhammad (s)? Obtain a free book on his life.  GainPeace’s website,, and a toll free number, 800-662-ISLAM, are included in the message. Callers can obtain a free book titled ‘The Global Messenger’, a short biography on Prophet’s life.


Book, DVD, Brochure, One Minute Card


Some of the literature distributed by GainPeace during the campaign includes a brochure titled, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, You Should Know This Man, a One Minute Message card titled ‘Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Mercy to Mankind’, a book on Prophet’s life, and a DVD with videos and audios on Islam and the Prophet. Several lectures, workshops and panel discussions, are also planned by GainPeace throughout the year of 2015, insha Allah, God willing.

GainPeace hopes that through this current campaign, our fellow Americans can get a better perspective on the noble life of the Prophet and on the faith of Islam. For details on obtaining the above items, contact:



Response has been excellent

“I believe that access to free religious literature is necessary and important for the conduct of a free and religiously conscious state. Thank you for making this available!” – Ryan (Christian)”I am interested in converting to Islam. Please send me anything that you have available – I would be eternally grateful” – Landyr (Jewish)prophetbillboard


Help tackle Islamophobia

An outreach campaign of this nature does require enormous resources, both human and financial. GainPeace appeals to you to help us educate others about the noble life and exemplary personality of the Prophet.

One component of Islamophobia is that it thrives on fear of the unknown, which results in bias, discrimination, hate and violence. Let us Muslims thrive on Pro activeness, Positive engagement and Peaceful education of the society.

Please support the campaign by donating to ICNA:

  • Billboard – $7000
  • 10 packages – $150
  • 100 packages – $1500