Starts April 12 Tuesday | 8 pm | 8 weeks course

GainPeace will be offering an interactive online class for new Muslims, starting  April 12, 2016, insha Allah. These are free classes open to all new Muslims. If you are not a Muslim, you can also join the class and benefit from the teachings of Islam.
Please share this announcement with your contact list, Masajid list, eNewletter, social media, so a maximum number of New Muslims can benefit, insha Allah.



Brothers, sisters, our obligation of dawah does not end when an individual embraces Islam. In fact a bigger, greater obligation begins, which includes educating our new Muslims with the basic education, being next to them in helping them overcome challenges and hurdles and supporting them as needed on their journey to please Allah, swt.


Please continue to sponsor new Muslims education, welcome (shahada) packages and through becoming a mentor for new Muslims.  For financial support click here, to become a mentor contact