ICNA Chicago requests your participation in the 16th Annual MAS-ICNA Convention to be held in Chicago from December 28 to 30th.

MAS-ICNA convention has been blessed with an astounding challenge: to help Muslims in America overcome the new challenges this country now faces while simultaneously overcoming the challenges within their souls. The convention is focused on rejuvenating the souls of Muslims through the love of Islam and consequently revitalize the spirit of Muslims in these inauspicious times. The convention is an experience which unites Muslims all over the world under one roof to affirm their faith and their role in the domestic and global society.

Join thousands of American Muslims and attendees from around the world in an environment that gives you the chance to learn more about yourself, your faith, and the world around you.

For over a decade, convention goers have chosen to attend MAS-ICNA, because of its diverse lineup of speakers, and variety in programming.

We welcome you and your entire family to enjoy everything from inspirational lectures to an amazing international shopping experience, indoor carnival, and much more.