About Young Muslims

Young Muslims is a pioneering youth organization that has been on the scene since the early 90’s. We have organized a network of local youth groups across the United States. The goal of YM is to develop a fraternity of capable, young men serving the spiritual needs of the society around them. This noble intention is pursued through a unique methodology that fuses knowledge with application.

The foundation of YM’s activities is the NeighborNet. This is a weekly gathering of knowledge, advice, and spiritual empowerment. The comfortable, friendly atmosphere present within each NeighborNet allows one to immediately connect with the other attendees. It is through this gathering that strong bonds of friendship are formed, which fosters mutual mentorship and progression.

Those individuals who wish to be more involved in the management and activities of YM are invited to be a part of a Study Circle. It is here where the growth and development of each member is assisted by a mentor. The time spent with each mentor helps evolve a balanced personality which integrates 3 integral components:

  • Character: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Indeed I was sent in order to perfect beautiful character.” (Al Muwatta Book 47, Hadith 1.8). Each member of YM is encouraged to adorn and maintain their personality with noble characteristics such as kindness, generosity, patience, and others. They are also encouraged to empower themselves through education and financial stability. Each of these qualities allows them to be models for their peers, families, and communities.
  • Spirituality: Allah says in the Quran, “Indeed he has succeeded, the one who purifies it (his soul)” (Surah Shams v. 9). It is through one’s deep connection with Allah that he is capable of truly benefiting others. This is a fundamental principle that YM teaches its membership. This connection is built through a program of knowledge and worship. Members are also able to address individual issues through communication with their mentors and elders.
  • Service: Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said: “Whoever makes things easy for others in this world, Allah will make things easy for him both in this world and in the Hereafter… Allah helps His servant as long as His servant is engaged in helping his brother.” [Sahîh Muslim]. It is with this spirit that members of YM help organize various activities that address the needs of their communities. Feeding the needy, raising funds for areas of natural disasters, and advising youth with various social or psychological issues are only a few examples of YMs service for the community.

It is Young Muslims’ intent to develop generation of leaders who will provide direction and hope for this society based on the guidance of Allah and His Messenger.

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