Invest in the youth! Help fund annual Summer Retreat!



Young Muslims is dedicated to serving the youth of community and developing leaders who will grow to be proud torch-bearers of Islam. Muslim youth all across the country are facing a crisis as the trials of everyday life threaten to strip them of their faith.


Young Muslims strives to provide the youth with a healthy environment in which they can understand their faith, learn to deal with the trials they face, and solidify their iman, all while building bonds of brotherhood that last a lifetime. With over 50 chapters all across the U.S., thousands of Muslim youth meet every week for activities, Islamic discussion, and to simply have a good time. The Prophet (S) said: “A person is on the religion of his companions. Therefore let every one of you carefully consider the company he keeps,” and we truly try to make Young Muslims a safe haven of good company.


Alhamdulillah, every summer Young Muslims hosts a retreat in which 60-80 youth spend a few days unplugged from their phones and social media, and socialize with their brothers from different YM chapters all across the region. With daily lectures, workshops, and activities such as canoeing, swimming, sports, and other team-building exercises, this retreat becomes the most anticipated event of the year, one which creates memories that last a lifetime.


As an organization for the youth and run exclusively by the youth, we often find ourselves limited in our funding and this sometimes causes programs like these to suffer. We do not wish to turn anyone away because they cannot afford the cost of this retreat, but our budget is very limited and we don’t always have a choice. This is why we need your help. This annual Summer Retreat is a very rare opportunity for many of the youth that attend, and we want to provide that opportunity for as many brothers as possible.


This is not just an opportunity to invest in our youth, but an opportunity to invest in our future, as these young Muslims will, inshaAllah, go on to carry the light of Islam proudly, learning to live in American society while upholding their Islamic values.


Please donate generously to help us cover the cost of this retreat. We are a nonprofit organization and can only operate through the help of Allah (SWT), as well as your generosity.


$175 – Sponsor one brother
$600 – Sponsor group transportation cost


Every donation counts, no matter how small.


Jazakumullahu Khairan!
Young Muslims Chicago



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